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    A Collection Of World History Related Essays, Documents, Maps and Music

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    Sigmund Freud said: "The first human being who hurled an insult instead of a rock was the true founder of civilization."  This is so because civilization is a triumph of mind over matter, of reason over instinct and of the distinctly human over mankind's animal nature. These are what have made possible civilization, as well as culture, its constant and necessary companion. A thorough understanding of what civilization and culture are requires a knowledge of all the qualities that make up human nature and a full understanding of world history and all historical developments.


    To be truly world history, an account of the past must not only retell what happened but must also relate events and people to each other.   It must inquire into causes and effects.   It must try to discern falsehood in the old records, such as attempts of kings to make themselves look better than they really were. It must also present the evidence on which its findings are based.


    This world history site contains a collection of world history related essays, documents, maps, music and video outlining human history and progress from the Neolithic era to the present including the history of the ancient world, Africa, Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas.  There is a section containing historical documents such as the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence and, as science, philosophy and religion have played major roles in the accent of humankind and the development of civilization, we have included sections relating to world religions, philosophies and scientific discoveries and ideas.


    As many primary sources as possible have been used as well as respected secondary sources.  In most cases, the author of each essay will be found on the same page as the essay.  Essays, pictures and multimedia are either in the public domain or presented by permission of the publishers.  Most material is copyright protected and you are advised to adhere to federal copyright laws regarding the usage of material found on this site.



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